Manjaly Infrastructure



  About Our Company

    Manjaly Infrastructure: is one of the leading and fastest growing construction companies in South India founded by Mr. Jaison J Manjaly. We have produced quality construction solutions for the market, and have been proactive in developing and expanding this technology for our numerous clients in the field of Civil Engineering construction, since our founding year in 1994. Headquartered in Trichur, Kerala the company directly employs close to 125 professionals in Kerala and enjoys a wide network of operations in the region. Within the last 16 years of its operation, the company has witnessed substantial growth in all areas of business operations. With its vast and long lived experience in the construction industry, Manjaly Infrastructure aims in setting new standards in the construction industry thereby enabling its customers to have within its reach high quality construction. We aspire to meet our client's requirement on all levels. Our expertise staff will go to any length to ensure that this happens.

    We execute major and prestigious building construction projects for all the reputed builders in Kerala, which stands as a testimony of trust showered upon us in the industry. In all our operations, we believe and maintain high degree of integrity and professional commitment. We make it sure that none of our actions call for dissatisfaction among the clients and we are rated excellent in the Customer Satisfaction Evaluations. Each of our projects is monitored frequently for any deviation from the plan and corrective actions are taken promptly. We are ahead of schedule in each of our projects barring the delay caused by natural/ external factors.

    Over the years we are doing well on financial grounds. The annual turnover of the Company is around Rs75 crores and the value of its multiple projects in hand is around Rs.115 crores. We anticipate a financial turnover of Rs. 170 crores in 2010-'11.

Vision                                             Objectives

  "Creating an environment that natures a Meaningful Existence, by, being the best service sector organization in the area of Infrastructure Development."
    We aim to let individual staff members participate in the organization both laterally and vertically, share information and the values created so that discrete potential can be integrated into a larger composite power.


   Living within the framework of Manjaly Infrastructure as a family where Truth, Ethics & Hard Work reflect in each of our action, creating a wealth of Happiness, Satisfaction & Growth.
     Striving to achieve the best one can offer, the Manjaly Infrastructure  have put together a group of experienced and pro-active individuals, whose aim is to bring the Manjaly Infrastructure developments concept to life and transform these projects into truly magnificent places to live.

Mission                                            Value

  "It is our mission to achieve difficult engineering feats by building beautiful edifices and landmarks for prosperity with out sacrificing basic and real values of life. We believe in sustainable development and construction to provide lasting contribution towards a healthy, happy and wholesome quality life."
    We are active in the evolution of "machinery" and the synergy between "human" and "business" that combines to create rich living spaces, making them more comfortable, highly developed and efficient.


   " We are committed to service our clientele as per customer's requirements, within schedule to their satisfaction, abiding by Statutory & Regulatory regulations. We shall achieve this by improvement in the Processes & Service Quality and through implementation of quality manage ment system effectively aiming for continual improvement.By placing importance on the attitude that "we learn from our customers ",
     we can put ourselves in their position and carry out our daily operations in an efficient manner. It is our objective to gain the deep trust of our customers through the course of our daily work.


   The regular system of requisitioning and reporting from site coupled with the apex level control can avoid costly and time consuming slip ups in execution, which could cause delays or cost over runs or both. There is a General Manager in office with well designed sections under Managers to handle Inventory, Finance & Accounts, HRD, Planning, Billing, Contracts/Bidding, Business Development etc. The sites are being managed by Project Managers of appropriate experience with supporting staff comprising of Engineers, Supervisors and technicians.
1. Full fledged laboratories are set up for each site comprising of C.T.M.s, sieving & slump cone apparatus and other related equipment.
2. All construction materials are tested as per Indian Standards on day-to-day basis before using them for construction.
3. Quality in workmanship is strictly adhered to by the use of quality checklist on day-to-day basis.
4. Detailed program charts are prepared for all projects prior to work. Progress is monitored on a regular basis.
5. Progress reports with photos and present work status are sent to every client, every month.
6. In-house training sessions are conducted for engineers and all types of workers at regular intervals.
7. In-house mix designs are prepared and tested for workability and strength for use in the projects.